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Politicians are Lizards?

An odd post title, but I can explain…

We have been working on a Film Posters brief for 2 weeks now, having written a film precis to one of several strange scenarios:
Money has been replaced by kittens
Politicians are lizards in disguise
Karaoke is our national sport
Owners are controlled by their pets
Mobile phones and the internet fail catastrophically around the world simultaneously

I chose ‘Politicians are lizards in disguise’ and produced my film precis:
When a reporter hides in David Cameron’s laundry basket, they find more dirt than they bargained for; scales and a room service receipt for flies. Lizards disguised as Politicians?

After beefing my story up a bit (adding some details), came the hard work.  20 A3 pages of thumbnails. 20 A3 pages. 20 A3 pages! No matter how many times I say it, it doesn’t sound any better 🙁 Anyway, even though it sounded impossible I did it! WOOP!

These are only 16 of 20, basically because this is how many I could fit onto the kitchen wall! All together I did 121 thumbnail sketch ideas over 20 pages; roughly 6.5 per page!

Aswell as the thumbnail sketches, we also had to pick 3 ideas and produce them as proposals. We displayed them in the lesson on the boards at TPH:

Mine are the 3 on the right… the Minister of Disguise posters (the others belong to Sunjay Morar, Amy-Leigh Sellers and Heather Scott).

I have chosen, with guidance from a group of course mates and tutor, to develop the bottom one further; the tie formed from type. I plan to try different typefaces, arrangements, hierarchy and colours as well as looking at overall composition of the poster – I need to add in actor/actress names and other film poster text/logos yet! I’m going to change the collar and lengthen the tie too to make it look more realistic. I’m looking forward to seeing the outcome of this project 🙂 I have to produce the final poster at A2 size by next Friday, which is when I will have my review/assessment! Eeek!

On a brighter note, I forgot to show you my last teapot…

Think 70s light up disco floor, highlighters and a teapot 🙂

Also, I hit 11,000 views this morning! Eeek! Thanks guys, it was only 13 days ago I was aiming for 10,000 so that is actually amazing to get 1,000 views in 13 days!!!!

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