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Six Weeks: Review

Thursday 28th October and Friday 29th October – Possibly the two most stressful days of my life so far. These are the days which I had my first reviews for the work I have been doing in the first 6 weeks at Uni. Apparently you’re not supposed to do any work in the first year but I don’t think thats applicable for us Graphic Design students! And anyway, I want to do my best so why not start now instead of having a shock when it comes to when it counts!?

Overall, my reviews went very well! I received really good feedback for my Motor badges project – to quote Sinclair, ‘outstanding’ for some parts! Eeek! 🙂 As for Film posters, I haven’t seen my feedback sheet yet (Brain has kept it!) but he did give some helpful criticism and even praise too! 🙂 I wasn’t happy with the final outcome of the poster, but I’m glad he saw my effort – I’ve nearly got all the feeling back in my fingers now! Kinda wish I had done it digitally now… look at how great everyone else’s looked:

On Monday I had my tutorial review/ chat with Twiggy – he’s a lovely man (not meaning to be slimy)! We were asked to do a number of things in preparation to the meet; a 500 word review of the past 6 weeks, 2 A3 pages of samples from the 2 projects and a report cover for the title ‘What Graphic Design means to me’.

For the report cover I embraced my inner Julien Vallée (Haha kinda/ not really/ I wish!)

I kept it simple…. anyone guess what it means?

You’ve seen all of these images before, but I just thought I would post a picture to prove I did it…. 🙂

My first 6 weeks at the University of Lincoln

500 words to describe the first 6 weeks at university? Four come to mind immediately – nervous, excited, stressed and tired. After waiting technically 4 years to come to University, I had very high expectations. The past 6 weeks have been non-stop and a bit of a blur (not alcohol induced either!). People always say that “University is the best time of your life” but clichés aside, it does actually seem that way. I feel comfortable here and have already made a great group of friends; a benefit of our course that I have discovered. The Graphics lot have developed into a community, choosing to socialise together unlike my flatmates who don’t really have a lot to do with their course mates outside of the lecture room. I really like this; who else can understand our weird sleeping habits, obsessions with M&S tea packaging (It’s so lovely!) and need to discuss typefaces of just about everything, everywhere? Definitely not my psychology student flatmates – they haven’t quite figured me out yet. They think I’m mad, but really I think you have to be a bit mad to do this course?

G is for Good times and Graphic Design, of course!

When I was at college I thought I had a lot of work… and then I came to Lincoln. When I sat in the first Student rep meeting hearing that the previous first year had complained about the workload I took it quite light heartedly as everyone else in the meeting laughed at the statement – tutors and older students. I wasn’t that fazed; I had basically lived at my last college for 2 years and not afraid of hard work. Despite that, the past couple of weeks have been testing. I am guessing that is what it was anyway? Survival of the fittest? I’ve made it through the first round as far as I’m aware! I have always been a hard worker luckily, but since being at Lincoln I have taken it to a completely new level. I think I am managing to keep up with the workload quite well, and as several of us in the group have said; ‘I am not a quitter’. I’m going to do whatever it takes to get the best out of this course even if it means sacrificing my social life, because as one of the tutors said in the first week ‘there’s never a day off in Graphic Design’.

However, a day off once in a while would be nice so I can keep blogging!
I really love to blog about my work and Graphic Design influences. I usually manage to blog at least twice a week, but the workload has been making it quite difficult. I have enjoyed discovering other course mates’ blogs (linked from the main course blog) as it helps me to see how others have approached the briefs and pushes me to work harder when I see something I think is good. As a competitive person I like to be pushed and challenged, working best under pressure, so this course should hopefully bring the best out of me. Then again, it might be the death of me… but at least I will have a nice font on my gravestone!


So that was my 500 words. It was actually a lot easier to write than I thought it would be!
But anyway, the general message from Twiggy was to keep working hard – which of course I am going to do!

Onto the next projects now…. including a 5 metre drawing, a 30 second animation with 15 images per second (I’ll do the maths for you – 15 x 30 = 450!) and city typology photography


  • lestaret

    05/11/2010 at 11:13 pm

    Hi Tasha – All of this I knew about you. You make me very proud – keep on keeping on!


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