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J’adore… Laura Berglund

The bad news is that now I’m a student my shopping trolley doesn’t contain a lot of beautiful packaging examples, in fact probably none at all! The good news is that I can get my beautiful packaging fix thanks to Laura Berglund 🙂

I think her packaging for Reve is B-E-A-utiful and it has an unusual story behind it too…

The Reve brand is in fact not about food, but a Hot Air Balloon company. Laura’s packaging is created for the gourmet picnic, including champagne, intended to be eaten after the ride.

The brand is sophisticated, light-hearted, fun and quirky; including some great details such as using a hot air balloon shape for the drinks labels. I think it’s a nice touch that the bottles have to be ‘upside down’ to be able to read the label. This way, the hot air balloon looks like it is airborne – lovely.

‘Enjoy’ – I love all these small extra details – just shows she really got into the project and injected some love! Good to see a clean hand model too haha

The brand stationery is consistent with the packaging; fresh colours and classy patterns. The brown envelopes help to keep it from being too garish though. I am finding that brown parcel paper has become ironically quite luxurious. Interesting!

I don’t know what it is about this leaflet design but I just love it! It feels so organic and good, yet not in a cliché way.

& a collaboration with Josh Lambert….

WOW! Look at the amount of detail in that clock work ampersand. AMAZING!

So precise. So fragile & so amazing!

Like what you see? Then visit Laura’s Behance and website for more visual treats 🙂

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