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People Watching

Today a group of us got comfy in Nero to do some people watching/ observational drawing. It was my first proper coffee shop coffee – I am completely clueless about all the different coffee types but Helen was kind enough to fill me in 🙂 I had a Caramelatte and a Spiced Apple and Pecan Muffin –  both very yummy!

To be honest, I don’t really like drawing because I know I’m not good at it/cannot draw. I know I need to practice more but I’m put off when everything is rubbish. Can’t get better if I don’t practice though… vicious circle!
I actually got quite into it today though! 🙂 I found that a more scribbly approach worked better so tried to develop that kind of style drawings…

I repeat… I cannot draw! Also, until you have to draw people you don’t really realise how fast they walk! I have tried though so give me credit for that…

Amy, Danielle, Me, James and Helen concentrating!

I started drawing a man sitting on a bench and then he caught me! Ooops! I was quite embarrassed haha Then he let me finish drawing him and came over to the window to look at the drawing… he said he’s an artist so I think he understood luckily 🙂
Also, there was a man in Neros taking photos of us working…. creepy!! It felt quite weird because we were drawing people, but trying not to be obvious and then the man was photographing us but he wasn’t being very subtle – a taste of our own medicine! Haha

Oh and also guess who walks past the window whilst we are hard at work? None other than the man who set the project, Tim Fabian! We got a thumbs up which is one of the nicer reactions we had in the 3 hours we were there 🙂

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