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J’adore… Mia Nolting

I would love to know Mia Nolting‘s secrets… creative secrets I mean. The secret to her success and all!

I think her handwriting is really lovely. My favourite font ever? Another thing I find lovely about her is her lists. I love to write lists, it helps me a lot but they’re never as lovely looking as Mia’s!

Biro over newspaper – genius. Lovely typography – I wish my handwriting was like that!

I really like how the different fonts have been used together. They are all over layered but I think it adds to the feel. All of Mia’s work seems to have some kind of purposeful flaw which makes it beautiful.

What can you say to this except ‘WOW’? It’s so obvious but subtle.

I absolutely LOVE 3D style images… red + blue = winner for me.

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