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City Types Typology – Images

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that one of the next projects would involve city typology photography.

I ventured out into Lincoln, photographing every piece of signage/typographic anything and everything. 100 odd photos later and I had a good mix of typographic examples – road signs, street names, bins, road markings, instructions, logos. I have uploaded most of them to my student flickr if you fancy a peek?

So we had to choose our 10 best shots and print them off at A4 size to present to the class…

… I’m confused. I did it wrong?

I was under the impression the brief said ‘test your observational skills in recording examples of letterforms in a typical city/urban environment’.
Truthfully, I was under the impression that  typology was a collection of type – I was half right! It’s a collection of images of the same type of object, photographed in the same way (angle, size, colour).

My images are a collection of city type, just not as obvious compared to if I had printed off 10 images of street signs. I was praised for my consistency in composition and good sense of focus (Well done Aled) and I know I have a typology somewhere in my contact sheets (check flickr where I have 6 contact sheets of some of the different types). I did think about re-shooting my photos but I know I have got enough to piece a typology together!

Just incase you wondered, here are my fave 3 pics:

Which are your fave?? If any…?

But anyway, the project was revealed to be….. Magazine Design!
I like Magazine Design 🙂 I have been looking at Eye Magazine and Creative review for some layout inspiration.

We have to create an article consisting of 3 double page spreads using our images and some text which is yet to be received. I like the sound of this 🙂

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