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Hogwarts of Lincoln

So, it’s been such a busy week and I’ve been really under the weather too which hasn’t helped 🙁

Some might know about my love for Harry Potter, so no surprise that I saw it Sunday 🙂 Come Tuesday, I thought I was actually at Hogwarts! Let me explain…

Tuesday has become sketching project/Cafe Nero afternoon day. Last week we had to draw people we wouldn’t usually observe and I expressed my new found love for sketching. Well this week the love is still going strong! We took a walk up the Steep Hill (I was taking pictures for City Typology Project along the way) and found ourselves at Lincoln’s Cathedral. Bobbins managed to get us in for free (any Lincoln University Student can get in for free) and we had a wander around. He loves grand historical buildings (about the same level of excitement I get to with Harry Potter) so as you can imagine, he was very smiley.

We wandered around and I found this really lovely typographical drawing on a prayer noticeboard near to Gilbert Pots (couldn’t find the artist name though, sadly):

Bobbins did want to show us the Chapter House where apparently some of the Da Vinci Code was filmed (Oh, I walked past THE Magna Carta! Blimey!) but there was a service in progress so we sat in the Cloister courtyard. It’s absolutely beautiful there – like something out of Harry Potter! I will definitely be going back to take photos and the best part is that we have our Graduation ceremony at the Cathedral! Eeek! Graduating at Hogwarts? I can’t wait! Haha
Anyway, freezing our fingers off (it’s pretty much impossible to draw with gloves on) we got down to the sketching…

(Photo courtesy of Bobbins)

To get some feeling back into our fingers we headed to Cafe Nero…

I think I’m developing a style now, and I quite like it… What do you think??

This is my favourite sketch I’ve done so far, although I did end up with a headache from the Sharpie fumes!

P.s. Exactly one month today I will be 21 – arrrgh scary!

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