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Snow in November!?

Since Wednesday I had been hearing about places around England which had snow and wondering if/when Lincoln would get frosted. It was 12.27am yesterday when I looked out of the window and it had snowed!

This is crazy! Snow in November? It was too exciting to miss so I just HAD to go outside with my flatmate and her boyfriend.



Later in the afternoon I made the risky trek up Steep Hill to the Cathedral with Aled and Bobbins…


Hello again, Hogwarts of Lincoln. Beautiful!


I think the snow might be here for a while – it’s sunny but freezing outside! Snow is lovely and christmassy (There shouldn’t be any mention of the C word until December really…) but in all honesty, I will probably be fed up by tomorrow as it’s quite a walk to Thomas Parker House even when theres no danger of slipping over!

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