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J’adore… Design Monat Graz

This post has been planned for a while now… oops! Better late than never 🙂

Designmonat is a Design Festival in Graz, Austria

2009 was the first year and it had a beautiful Graphic style (not so much a fan of the 2010 version) by Christoph Almasy, Franz-Xaver Daublebsky and Isabella Thaller.

Cute little button badges <3

I love the clashing bright colours used. It gives a funky, fresh and young feel to the identity which is perfect because it’s a youngster in terms of Design festivals

Also, I’m quite a fan of geometric triangles so this whole triangle section look is appealing to me. They have really incorporated it into the design too, by making it quite interactive…

I love these cut-out details!!

Ahhhh they’re so pretty! (Haha technical)

For more beautiful pictures go to behance

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