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Character Cakes – A taste to forget

I have shamefully only posted once this month due to being completely swamped under with Uni work, but I have 10 posts in draft at the moment so will be catching up now that I am finished for Christmas!

Rewind back to the 9th December 2010….

Due to the snow some of our lessons were cancelled, resulting in snow days… I mean time to do some extra work 🙂

They never fail to amaze/surprise/confuse us with the next crazy project set and this one is definitely up there!

We were challenged to bake a cake in pairs based on characteristics of cartoon characters. The options included Barbie, Dennis the Menace, the Little Mermaid and the Mad Hatter.

My partner, Bobbins, and I chose to replicate the Ugly sisters…. bitter, twisted and disgusting on the inside, whilst looking ‘lovely’ on the outside.

We chose to make the cake from a lot of coffee and the ‘buttercream’ from icing sugar, gravy, coffee and vinegar. Needless to say… it wasn’t the best smelling cake ever.

If I hadn’t told you, it looks like a pretty tasty chocolate cake right?

Two interlinking halves of dolly mixture covered disgusting cake!

At the tasting only four people tested our cake! We had to score the cake on how well it represented the characteristics, but I don’t think people really ‘got’ our cake 🙁

Above, Yasmin cuts the first slice!

And I will leave you with the tweet from my tutor who was brave enough to try a big chunk of the ugly sisters…

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