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J’adore… Sarah Thorne: Topshop Make Up Packaging

This post is half a year late really! The Topshop make up range has been available since May 2010, but better late than never 🙂

I was just looking back over the blog of Vasare: I have been following her blog for a while now and she always has really interesting things to share so definitely worth a browse! Having a second look at the Topshop Make Up Packaging has just made me realise how actually lovely it is!

Topshop is fashion at its best. Simple. The Top Shop. It’s the shop I would go to for indulgence if I won a lot of money as being a student doesn’t really allow me to shop there normally. The guys at Topshop have definitely perfected the brand image to be stylish, quirky and luxurious, and the Make up range Packaging fits into the family portrait for sure!

Sarah Thorne is the girl to thank for that and is currently the Creative Director at Topshop, which is why when I looked through her website just a minute ago it oooozed appeal. I admit, I am totally sucked in by the Topshop ‘disease’ haha. It’s like they can do no wrong – all of their design work is just too cool. I will continue about this in other posts because I’m going off on a tangent right now aren’t I?

There is nothing more simple and classic than black and white. That’s a fact. So to pair it with the colours of the make up products was just genius. The product’s colour is really emphasised instead of the packaging colour affecting it. Lines and polka dots are quirky and fun – Topshop all over, but the best part is the illustrative, hand drawn feel. It’s as if someone has drawn on their makeup with a crayon – I love this! Also I think it’s perfect for Topshop because I think it’s quite assumed that if you shop there then you are fashionable/creative (and obviously like make up) so maybe a bit artistic too?

I think that the typography is also a good mix. The Topshop logo is sans serif, thin stroke and modern. I actually quite like it. And I say this because I’ve just seen the font used for something else and loved it and then realised it was the Topshop font! More about this another time 🙂 As I was saying, hand drawn mixed with digital… for me, it works to a tee! If it had been all a digitalised font then I don’t think it would have the same quirkiness?

Oh my heart jumped when I saw these too! I’ve started following a lot more blogs recently because I have joined Bloglovin’ (Basically where you can follow all your fave blogs in one place and it shows you when they post something new. It’s set as my homepage so whenever I come onto the internet I get to see something nice that’s been blogged!) and discovered a blog called Ornamental Conifer which is all about Nicolai Sclater,
a signwriter from East London (Who I will blog about soon!). He has opened my eyes to a new love for sign writing and this Topshop kind of chalkboard market style typography too! Reminds me a bit of Lush’s market style which I also love!

Oh and the bag? It’s just nice. Like a chalkboard you can carry around. My only problem with it is the MASSIVE dot in the Topshop.com. But that is a rant for another time haha

So that was the initial range, and then came the two season specific ranges: Spring/Summer ’10 and Autumn/Winter ’10.

Not a big fan of the S/S ’10 range to be honest….

I don’t like the weird line/rain? pattern. I do like the shiny-ness and foiling, but most of all the amazing details on the tabs!!

Oh they’re so unnecessary and so lovely 🙂

I am more impressed with the A/W ’10 range overall though; I like the moody darkness and the triangular shapes. It’s just a lot more dynamic? It reminds me of architecture? I would be really happy to have some of these in my makeup bag, but a curse of being a Graphic Designer makes me think – ‘Would I actually be able to open and use them?’ 🙂

WOW I have talked a lot here. I have also given away a few teasers of whats to come next, so look out for more on Sarah Thorne – my new design crush and also work from Nicolai Sclater.


  • jamesrobinsgd

    07/01/2011 at 9:35 pm

    They are pretty sweet designs, although I think the spring/summer designs look more autumn? Like you said, its grey, cloudy, rainy. I think the line/dot/speck pattern combined with the star kind of reminds me slightly of christmas? Its almost like a long exposure shot of a christmas tree!
    The chalkboard stuff, the bag in particular, reminds me of the cinema? Like a clapper?

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