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Fundamental: SCY Lincoln Flyers

It’s all a bit exciting when you get live briefs – a chance to get your work out into the real world! Still, a bit daunting too!

This month Amy, who currently does most of the nightlife flyers/design work, kindly persuaded SCY to start a design competition. This is going to be a monthly thing hopefully so watch this space! The brief was to create an A6  flyer for a new night at nightclub SCY, Lincoln called Fundamental.

There wasn’t really a lot of constraints, so we were quite free with what we were able to put forward. I have got a bit of a thing for triangles, so used them in my design:

Congratulations to the winners; 1st place – Thomas Heaps, 2nd place – Helen Finlinson and 3rd place – Talveer Uppal 🙂 Can’t wait to see your flyers around Lincoln!

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