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Type Tart Cards – Stop Staring At My Tittles!

Over the christmas holiday we were set a project to produce an A6 type tart card. The type tart card has already been celebrated by Wallpaper magazine, St Bride’s Library and Type, where they asked designers to embrace their inner type tart and create a card. In total, 450 cards were produced and displayed at the KK Outlet in London between 22 – 29 June 2009 – I wish I could have gone because there are some really clever creations and funny type innuendo!

We were asked to focus on selling the typeface’s features rather than just being overly sexual but a bit of cheekiness/ subtle hints are all part of the fun!

Here are some of my favourite outcomes….

I decided to present the Constantia card as my final for the critique because I thought it was the one that answered the brief the best – any Graphic Designer/Typographer should get the tittles reference! If not, shame on you! 🙂  Overall I think it went down quite well, although as per usual I over-talked in my presentation! Haha

My tutor suggested that if I wanted to improve it further, I should think about the text hierarchy and focus more on the phrase ‘Stop staring at my tittles’ so I have reduced the size of the rest of the text.

Opinions? This brief was a good bit of fun – different but definitely fun!

Also, something quite unexpected happened when we received our grades back  from Semester A. I got 68% for Motor Badges (2% off a 1st!!!) and 60%(2:1!!!) for Animation giving me a total of 64% for the Visual Expression unit so far this year…. which is a 2:1 and only 6% off a 1st! Eeeek 🙂 A lot more than I had expected! Still waiting on grades from Graphic Design unit (Film Poster and Magazine Design) and CVP unit(ESSAY!!!)…. but now I need to keep up the hard work!

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