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J’adore… Isaac Salazar

I had seen the image below a couple of times before I was able to work out who had made this amazing piece of art, but finally I can thank Isaac Salazar! WOW, just wow!

How amazing is that? I love books anyway, but I just think this is amazing! And to think that these are created by just folding the pages of a book! AMAZING!

Find more of Isaac’s creations on flickr!

Here is the best photo I could find to show how the folds work…

…. I am tempted to have a go myself but I don’t think I can compete with Isaac’s really haha

I have mentioned a book project before in this post… but I stupidly left the books at Uni over christmas so didn’t get a chance to do anything with them! I am back now though and reunited with my lovely books! Let me explain…. they were all free! I don’t really know what it is (is it a Graphic Designer thing?) but I just love books. (Especially older books because they have character – penciled notes, marks and colourings. Although I am super careful about the condition of my own books though – I like to keep them pristine!) I am a bit of a Library geek and have been called Hermione on many occasions – at college the librarians knew me by name! 🙂

Anyway. All of my flatmates do psychology and were offered some old books which had been withdrawn from the library. Well there was no point pretending to be normal because they are stuck with me for a year so would find out all my weird Graphic Design habits anyway and I didn’t wanna miss out on free books! So I brought back as many interesting looking books as I could carry… 8 in total!

I thought it was about time for me to show you what I’m talking about….

Groooovy! Stress? I love that the spine has faded to blue!

This one is a hardcover and I just like the halftone image treatment and the hexagon shape 🙂

An old Penguin book! Love the illustration on this and the fact that it’s so old and worn. The page are falling out and are almost orange – it’s lovely!

I think I just like this one for the butterfly…. not sure!

But anyway, they are some of my collection… I will be doing something with them eventually. I think it’s nice that they’re psychology books about the brain and stuff – makes them interesting! Does anyone else collect interesting books or other random items?


  • lestaret

    26/01/2011 at 12:02 am

    Ahh, Nutty! My little book lover! I am missing your passion in my bookmaking sessions! – Plus I’ve been buying a few books too – I’ll be posting them up soon enough!

    Intersting books? Check.
    Random Items? Check.

    Be careful or you’ll turn into a mini me!

  • graphiquefantastique

    26/01/2011 at 4:14 pm

    Well I wouldn’t mind the Northern accent and facial hair…. haha

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