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Guest Speaker @ LSADYCN

After the Airside lecture last week, I decided I definitely wanted to go to more talks and luckily  for me the third years have got quite a few more lined up! Guest speaker for today: YCN!

I had heard of YCN before because of the YCN awards but I didn’t realise they actually design too, so that was a nice discovery!

Today was a free lecture and we even got free samples of energy drink Boost – Students love free things!

The main reason for this talk was to help the people doing the YCN briefs but it was still useful to go anyway, just to see what YCN are about. They have produced quite a lot of work for Becks:

They’ve painted pubs with cool illustrations – really love the piano keys on this one!

And they’ve used CDs on billboard adverts!

They also collaborated with Graduates on the re-branding of insurance company Endsleigh:

Really love this illustration by Leeds Graduate Jay Cover aswell as this collage style vector image….

…. by Brighton University graduate Ciara Phelan

Companies that are involved in the YCN briefs include British Music Experience, Boost, M&S, Green & Black’s, Ted Baker, P&O Ferries and Fairtrade – some big names!

I’m glad I went as they showed us some interesting work, all from recent graduates and the information about the awards will come in handy in the future when it’s my turn to enter!

There was also a presentation from Propaganda representing Boost energy drink, with an insight to how they created the Boost brand with pointers.

Before the lecture I found some neon pink post-it notes in my notebook with Typography jokes on (which I had prepared for my Uni interviews this time last year!!!) and they ended up being passed to the other side of the lecture theatre….

Why did the Graphic Designer go to see a psychic? – To see what was in his Futura

What does a Graphic Designer eat for breakfast? – Kern flakes

You can see its neon-ness in the distance with the 3rd years getting all excited! 🙂 Note passing never gets old! I wonder where it ended up….

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