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Boom Boom Sketch

Yesterday we got all sketchy in class with some old format technology! Old Macs, Typewriters, Cameras, Floppy Disks, Stereos… the list goes on! Armed with lots of pens, pencils and paints we flexed our creative muscles:

As an 80’s child (for 6 days) I decided to take the Neon approach for my stereo…

Then in groups of 3 we produced a big drawing, starting from the same point but in each of our own different drawing styles. On my team….

…. Amy, Bobbins and Myself.

And the finished piece….

Dirty drum and bass (Amy) control centre (Bobbins) and 80s electro (Me)!

You can see some of my classmates working  here at the new course site!

No idea what this new project is heading towards but it will be interesting…

Oh also got feedback for my Magazine Design yesterday – 63! 🙂 I did some sums and my average for Semester A is 62! That’s a 2:1 so I’m pretty happy with that, YAY!

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