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J’adore… Punctuation Tights

American Apparel are my new best friends.

First they brought us the Helvetica Tshirt….

…. and now, PUNCTUATION TIGHTS! Crazy! They just love us Graphic Designers…

I first saw these on Autilia’s blog:

Ahhh they’re so amazing! I am SO tempted to buy them, but at $36/ approx. £22 (and then add shipping on top of that) they turn out to be some pretty expensive tights… especially as I have a bit of a history of laddering them easily! 🙁

I can still look though – Ahhhh they’re so amazing!!!! (Nubby Twiglet’s legs!)

Oh… I didn’t get a bursary for nothing did I? Maybe I should treat myself – thoughts?? Want to see me strutting these beauts around Lincoln? 😀

[EDIT: I ordered them!!!!!! Can’t wait for them to get here! Eeek :D]


  • lestaret

    18/02/2011 at 9:18 pm

    Eyup Nutty! I have a better idea – just get the puctuation tattooed on your legs and hey presto – no more laddering problem!

  • graphiquefantastique

    18/02/2011 at 9:56 pm

    Wow – a great suggestion Chris, but I’m not sure what my mum would say….

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