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J’adore… Raquel Quevedo

Raquel’s quirky origami business card caught my eye…

Who doesn’t love dot-to-dots?

I really like how the message isn’t revealed straight away and also how the words are connected even though they’re on different lines! Just think this is a really unique and memorable business card which I would be very happy to own one of! Cute, interactive and memorable!

Aside from liking this because 26 is my birthday number, numbers formed by stars and asterisks are beautiful!

I just really like the use of the pattern above 🙂 Makes an interesting flyer… I’m imagining a postcard style flyer!

I really like the Brochure design for Herbarium Classic Tea and the packaging is quite nice too…

I’m not 100% what these paper bags are about…

… but they are a lovely touch – I love the whole brown paper bags over alcohol bottles – so American 🙂

This is such a great wall piece for a Restaurant/bar..

So great! Reminds me of a project I did back at college, but Raquel’s is a lot better of course! The lighting effect/shadows give the contour lines great impact!

View Raquel’s other work here on her website – lots of other interesting bits and bobs 🙂

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