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Keen on Zine

I am sooooo keen on the latest Visual Expression project to make a zine – my fave project so far!

For those of you who don’t know what a zine is, it’s a handmade, mini magazine which has a small print run of usually 500 or less.  They are usually quirky, controversial and very experimental so the complete opposite to the Magazine project (for which I received some quite good feedback in a critique on Friday afternoon – grade to be continued!) I had for the Graphic Design module before christmas!

I first became aware of zines back in 2010 when Llymlrs, a Graphic Design student whose fashion blog I follow, made one… never thought I would have the time to make one so having it set as a project is just perfect!

I don’t do enough quirky design; I find my design style to be very clean and neat but I actually really do like messy, weird design! I’m hoping that my choice of the smoking culture community (the subject of the zine is a community which we had to choose and research over the christmas holidays) will allow for a lot of weird, dirty and wonderful experimentation!

I have sooooo many ideas already – ahhhh sooooo excited about this project it’s unreal! Oh and another great thing about this project is that we have to blog our progress! Zine + Blog + Tasha = LOVE

This post is actually REALLY late in the project – the deadline is actually this Thurs (24th)! Oops! Been having too much fun! 🙂

Here are some photos of my typographic illustrations which are forming the basis of my zine…

All laid out on the kitchen table – 9 A3 pages = 36  A5 illustrations!

Watch this space for more… and the chance to buy one maybe? 🙂

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