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Getting My Zine On

… a.k.a getting in the Zine mood!

I wish I could get paid to blog but I don’t think it’s really a job is it? Nevermind 🙂

Working on the most confusing part of the whole Zine process right now – Imposition/pagination! Scary words right there but put simply, page order – a lot harder than you think! I’ve made it a bit harder for myself too because my Zine is A6 size – A5 size open as a double spread. The majority of people in my class are doing an A5 size Zine which means that they can quite easily print on A4 and then fold it in half. I like a challenge… haha

With the subject of my Zine being Smoking, I have taken an Anti-Smoking voice due to my personal views. However, the brief required creating a narrative style so I have kind of divided 4 different sections in my Zine:
1. Starting smoking – the appealing factors
2. Realising the downsides
3. How it feels to quit/ Life post-smoking
and 4. My negative views on smoking.

I photocopied a selection of my page ideas to create the first draft of my Zine and arranged them into a Zine form…

To help get my head around printing the final thing, I’ve made a dummy copy Zine with page numbers…

…and drawn a layout grid so I just need to add the thumbnails of the pages and make sure I’ve got the right mix of pages and also in the right order! Keepin’ it simple! 🙂

I’ve also chosen my paper stock! On Thursday we had progress feedback sessions with the tutors and the points suggested by Chris included using more imagery & faces, having a proper ending, showing the difference between my voice & the smokers’ voices and to add some colour. I think that the best way to add some colour is to use coloured paper because I want to keep my type-llustrations simply black.

I have chosen a light yellow (due to the title of my Zine – Yellow Fingers – and also because it’s the kind of colour smoker’s teeth and nails go!) and a light grey (because it reminds me of the ash left by cigarettes) but I think I will still use some white paper too.

My Zine is going to end up being quite thick (48 sides in total) so I think I will be just sticking to a simple binding method like saddle stitch just to avoid anything going wrong! Haha

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