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I just read back through my last post and realised…. I haven’t really explained the artistic direction of my Zine. (Before you start reading… I’m in a chatty mood so this is going to be a lot of writing! So get a coffee & get comfy!)

From my drawings you can get that I am going with what I like to call ‘Type-llustration’ – typographical illustration. It’s completely not me – I’m not an amazing illustrator(I can’t draw?) and I really can’t doodle spontaneously because I like to plan everything out first. So how did I get here? I don’t know… but I like it!

I actually really love this project – I chose smoking which I absolutely hate with a passion so have the fire behind me to really put the punch in! The only problem was that I found it so hard to put pencil to paper. This is because I was scared that it wasn’t going to turn out as well as I wanted – I had to force myself to use pen so that permanent marks were made! Once I get into it I absolutely love it and can run with it like the wind (bullseye – Toy Story reference for J.K 😀 ) but I keep having to challenge myself and get over that first hurdle!

The other night Bobbins, Danielle and Helen were over mine to do work at 8.30pm… I didn’t draw anything until 11.30pm! Just too scared to put marks down on paper incase it didn’t turn out perfect! I really need to get over this because it’s starting to affect my work – I’m leaving things until the last minute and then rushing them a bit. This is typical me. I did it at GCSE, A-Level and even College but thought I had got over it now I’m a big girl at Uni…. wrong! I guess it’s kinda like procrastination? I’ve got the vision & ideas but I’m being lazy/ too much of a girl to do it!

Anyway, so I think this Type-llustration is the new way forward for me!? I’m really enjoying making words/phrases/quotes into images – I love typography afterall! I have found some amazing examples of this kind of work here at Typostruction – absolutely AMAZING! This site will keep me amused for hours/ maybe even days haha It’s run by Chris Piascik who puts lots of examples of Typostruction (my ‘Type-llustration’) in one place but he also does his own stuff! And in the spirit/interest of the Zine project… I have been admiring his zines! They are basically everything that I wish mine could be! So jealous of his talent!

So anyway, I’ve decided that I’m going to carry on this even after the end of this project – I’m going to Paperchase and getting me a lovely little notebook so I can do some lusting over type (Type-llustration) more often! But first I should get my Zine finished, hey? I hope it turns out as amazing as I want it to…. Yellow Fingers crossed (Yellow Fingers is the name of my Zine – you heard it here first!)


  • Thomas Heaps

    20/02/2011 at 2:37 am

    Nice findings, i already have these in my research 🙂

    • graphiquefantastique

      20/02/2011 at 2:43 am

      Ahhh what!? You beat me to it haha 😛

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