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Guest Speaker @ LSAD – ContainerPLUS

Container PLUS is a three woman collective (girl power!) of quirky art, graphic design, photography… basically multi talented & multidisciplinary. Today, one third of ContainerPLUS came to speak to us Lincoln Graphic Design students about their work and life in ‘The Industry’…

(Really loved the Container PLUS inspired poster for this lecture –  nice work, Third year Talks team!)

Nicola, Patricia and Luise (who gave our talk on her own today) create weird, wonderful and quirky illustrations and installations. Luise started by explaining that she doesn’t know what to tell people her job is, and usually decides on what to be (It sounded a bit Stars in Their Eyes-esque – ‘Today Matthew I’m going to be….’) by what she thinks the person will get the most from. I came to understand this more as her talk went on…

One of the first pieces of work Luise showed us was the installation pieces for West London bookshop, Lutyens and Rubenstien. As a fan of books in general, I thought these were really lovely, cute little installation ideas:

And this next one is my fave…

What I like about ContainerPLUS is that they didn’t just do the books, but the whole feel of the store:

Love all the books hanging from the ceiling a bit like lanterns and the roll of paper coming from the typewriter! It’s like an experience. It’s not my kind of thing, but ContainerPLUS are really good at creating what I guess you would call ‘experiences’ by creating the right atmosphere and surroundings.

They have also done some work for Sony which I really liked (because it’s that paper craft kinda style)

I took a cheeky photo in the lecture, whilst she was explaining 🙂

Luise shared a little secret with us; these cameras were held together with glue and suspended by fishing wire!

Luise was a lovely lady with a great sense of humour, making us giggle with a few of her blunt comments – Talking about the difference between commissioned and self initiated work: ‘I do this work to make life more enjoyable and because I like to do it, but….. it won’t make you rich’.

I don’t think Luise showed ContainerPLUS to its best.. so I have pulled a few bits from their website which I like:

This is stunning paper craft! At the Hay Festival, a book installation for SkyArts.

Luise did show us this from ContainerPLUS’ work for the Gestalten book on Experimental typography….

BUT she missed out these beautiful illustrations which were used for the chapter headings:

And I didn’t really ‘get’ the Evil Twins project, but I think this makes a beautiful photograph/scene:

Overall, I think that ContainerPLUS are great at what they do – being a small, enthusiastic, quirky design company, that always go that little bit further by adding hand touches to make all of their work unique.
There was one point where Luise said that they just like to make things over complicated and do things in a difficult way, to which I turned to Bobbins and Helen and said – ‘Sounds like me’, so I can definitely relate to the over-complicating things method – I would like to think/ use the excuse that it’s because we are passionate about our work!? Haha

I really liked Luise’s words of advice: ‘Look outside of your discipline for inspiration’, because I think it’s that kind of ‘out of the box’ thinking that will keep Art & Design fresh and exciting for years to come!


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