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J’adore… Patrycja Zywert

I found Patrycja’s work when browsing the Penguin book cover competition website as she was one of the winners in 2010 with her hairy vision of ‘Perfume’…

I think the design is really nice typographically, and was developed really well – definitely the best outcome! You can see the idea development on her blog here!

I also really like her project In Other Words

… OMG! What a clever idea! She uses the ‘proper’ ways of saying the txt language phrases and creates the abbreviation in the negative space! IMO it’s genius! 🙂

And this little booklet is so cute…

In case of packaging is a book of suggestions to help designers to start designing packaging in a more eco friendly and sustainable way.
I love the medical reference of the green and cross created from the packaging net!

This project was part of Patrycja’s final project for her BA (Hons) Graphic Arts degree at Bucks New University in High Wycombe – she got a First of course!

She also exhibited at D&AD’s New Blood show in 2010 – Patrycja’s a talented girl!

I am definitely inspired by her success – I hope this can be me in 2 years time! You guys should definitely follow Patrycja’s blog because she is one to watch!


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