A new project – I’m on the last two projects of my first year at Uni! Where did the time go? Eeeek!

This project is right up my street – books & graphic design! We were assigned a book and group to work with 2 weeks ago. As a group we had to read, analyse and de-code the book. My group was given ‘Woman on the edge of time’ by Marge Piercy; 400 pages of confusion, mistreatment and feminism.

It’s main character, Connie, has had a hard life as a Mexican-American woman and is admitted to a mental institution (wrongly) for the 2nd time. She is treated poorly, but manages to slip in and out of her dream world Utopia set in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, USA in the future – year 2137! I think the book has quite an angry, powerful tone with the main issue being equality for all – gender, race & class.

I am going to design a cover and some of the inside pages! Here are some existing covers:

Not the most inspiring covers ever, which I’m happy about – means I can improve it! And also it surprises me because that was how I perceived the meaning of the book – to inspire…. who knows?

We did our group presentation yesterday and I was feeling so ill and nervous, but it went quite well and we cheekily, somehow managed to blag a 2:1 so I’m really pleased with that! We went with an illustrative/symbol led presentation style due to tips from Sinclair – give people something to remember! Images work, but people won’t remember text! Here are my slides on the style of narrative:

I did some book cover design before at college and found it quite interesting and it definitely helped me loosen my creative skills. I’m looking forward to this project and hopefully I will make a good job of it! I’m planning on doing a lot of experimentation because I think this is something I usually skip.

We are allowed to take a photographic, illustrative or typographic approach…. the possibilities should be endless right? I love the penguin book series’ so I will be studying them for inspiration and it was recommended to browse Waterstones to see what catches the eye.

I love looking at books! Don’t wanna speak too soon, but….I think I love this project 🙂 I’ll let you know!

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