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J’adore… Tone Ink

I was browsing FPO earlier and came across Tone Ink‘s posters for Grace Potter & The Nocturnals…

I love the colour mix and overlay method of the leaf. The wood grain is a nice texture too… not too harsh but still nicely detailed. Also, I’m quite a fan of Futura recently since my book cover for Woman on the Edge of Time 🙂

The Tone Ink studio is based in Baltimore, Maryland who ‘strive to use a combination of limited color and vintage typography, imagery, and texture to deliver tactile, hand-printed pieces of art’. I love their approach!

I checked out Tone Ink’s website, and found more lovely posters…

I really like the rich berry colour mixed with the grainy texture which creates a moody/storm-like scene setting.

I think this series of posters is quite dark but cute with the shed and the birds in the moon. I love the silhouette style used and the little stars in the sky bring a magical atmosphere to it.

Imagine if the moon was really THAT big! Haha

Beautifully crafted work, as I’m sure you will agree!?

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