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Other Side of the Coin

The ‘coin’ being design in this case!

This is a bit late, but anyway…. Last Thursday I dipped my toes into the world of Fashion at the University of Westminster’s Graduate Fashion show. “Westminster? A bit random” you say? Well I wasn’t just randomly hanging around in London! Jack‘s sister, Emma Kingham, was one of the lucky ones picked from her class to have her collection walk the catwalk.

I’ve never been to a fashion show before, but from being an avid fan of shows like MTV’s The Hills and The City (where the characters are trying to break into the fashion scene in LA and New York) I had an idea of what to expect… and it didn’t disappoint!

Now, as a girl, I like fashion… but these were not clothes you could pick up from the high street! You can watch the whole show below… (Emma is from 15.59 to 17.25)

Disorder magazine said:
“Emma Kingham’s collection was experimental too, but plays around with optical illusions by manipulating digital print. Her inspiration was drawn from 1920s lingerie and the Art Deco era.”

Now, with Emma being Jack’s big sis there is an assumption that I have to big her up to get in her good books…. but I actually did like her collection! I thought it was one of the most wearable and that the prints were actually quite Graphic Designy. We have been encouraged through out this past year at Uni to take inspirations from outside of Graphic Design… so this was an opportunity handed to me!

I liked the lines, the overlapping layers of floaty material and structural/architectural feel. The collection kind of reminds me of isometric paper in a way… ?



I found these pics at Catwalking, just incase you wondered 🙂

You can peep into Emma’s website here and portfolio here if you fancy… I quite like her illustrations too…


Simple but effective IMO. What do you think?

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