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CoWA Art & Design Exhibition 2011

It is really weird to think that last year this post was about MY college exhibition – it all feels so long ago!

Friday evening Dani, Bobbins and I went back to the college to check out the ‘first years’ work. Well they’re technically second years but will always be the first years to us 🙂

We had seen some of the work coming together when we visited the other week, so it was really nice to see the finished stuff in the gallery! Here’s some highlights…. (btw I would just like to give a mention to Chris Webster’s Hotel & Casino ‘The Londoner’ and Jake Bailey’s Vegan cosmetic range ‘immoral’, of which I took photos of but even photoshop could not save them! Sorry, I should really learn how to use my big camera (Aled) haha)

Chanté White’s medicine labels had a retro vibe

Will Pateman’s PS3 game design looked fresh from the shelves of Gamestation

Jake Masham’s film festival branding was a perfect fit for Film 4

Dani and Bobbins noticed that Tommy King’s Peng mints advertising facebook example featured yours truly….

I don’t remember why I like monday but anyway…

I loved Aliesha Forbes’ magazine logo made from layering the word ‘Inspired’

We bumped into Kelly Sheanon, who was with us for 2 years and has just finished her foundation year! She’s joining us at Lincoln in September with Aliesha and Jake Bailey!

We thought Kelly’s film festival work looked tasty

And we kept finding random bits of our work too…

Dani found her handmade type from back in first year! Then we found some work that was supposed to be on the walls 🙂

Our college tutor had asked us to submit some work for the ‘Where are you now’ section so we loaned him our zines and type tart cards. It was really nice to be included in the exhibition, and as one of the tutors said ‘it helps the students see where they can be in the future’… so thankyou for having us 🙂

I quite enjoyed the Milton Glaser inspired floor decoration too

Good work guys! Hope you all have a great time at Uni (the majority are going to NUCA I think), travelling or going into work – Good luck with everything!

Live in or near to Kings Lynn & want to do a National Diploma in Graphic Design? Looky here

Oh also, on a quick note – this was the first outing of my punctuation tights!! Here’s some of the Graphics guys and me being jumped on by Jake & Will…





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  • lestaret

    04/07/2011 at 10:44 pm

    Hi Tasha, great review – it was great to see you there, as well as so many other ex students. Its a lot of hard work for everyone, but the end of year ‘do’ really helps to finish things off!

    I would rather mention your tights than the floor letting – if only they’d stuck to the original Amirican Typewriter font instead of… Arial! Arrgh!

    Thanks for the link!

    All the best – enjoy your summer


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