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Public Transport

This isn’t a brilliant sketch but…

…just thought I would post it to show that I’m getting a bit braver about sketching in public. I did get some funny looks like ‘Why is that girl drawing the bus?’ but I need to keep practising my sketching! Although I find I’m better at drawing things with a lot of straight lines (buildings) I need to try and get better in general so have started taking my sketchbook places like a real designer! Haha The problem is that it takes me like half an hour to do a sketch, which was perfect for this bus journey but is a bit awkward in other situations haha

I’ve started a temps job at Accessorize (which is heaven), so I’m managing to fill my time up nicely 🙂 Oh and also, I haven’t spoken about this yet because it was a bit touch and go on wether I was going…. but I’m going to D&AD’s New Blood on Friday!

If you know me, you will know how excited I get about yellow pencils – I’m SO excited! Dani, Bobbins and I are going to the Design Bridge talk at 3pm and hoping to bump into fellow ex-CoWA students Aaron Skipper and maybe Jake Pover if we’re lucky! If Christian Bird (who works at Design Bridge) is there too, 4 generations of CoWA will be present – that’s one big CoWA fest! Haha

I will be posting about my D&AD adventure to London so watch out for that at the weekend 🙂

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