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D&AD New Blood 2011

Sooo on Friday I travelled down to LDN for the first day of D&AD’s New Blood 2011 festival with Dani and Bobbins! I was super excited and also really ‘feeling’ London for a change which is really unusual for me!

We had such a busy day, I was so drained and felt like I’d walked half of London… which I will explain later!

Here’s an attempt at nicely organising all of my souvenirs from my trip:

I didn’t pick up that much really because we kinda ran out of time 🙁 As I mentioned in my previous post, we had booked in for the Design Bridge talk at 3pm. We didn’t find the Old Truman Brewery until about half 1, then after registering we didn’t really have that long to look around. There was so much great stuff to see!

We bumped into the 3rd years exhibiting at new blood who were on their way to a talk by The Partners (now Superunion). Seems I have earnt myself a nickname – ‘Graphics geek’ (cheers Taran) and Anna told me that a past Lincolner who now works for The Partners was talking about my blog! How great is that? I’m such a loser… I blushed HAHA

After flashing our wristbands, firstly we popped over to the University of Lincoln stall to show our support! Notice the arrow pointing out Best New Blood? Jennie Plant was scouted as being one of the best in show – what an achievement! Well done Jennie 🙂

Our tutor Chris Twigg  told us ‘I’ve been here since yesterday and I still haven’t seen everything!’ He was right, it was definitely impossible to see everything in one day unfortunately 🙁 Sadly we only managed to get round to seeing like 5 stalls, but here is a tiny amount of what was on offer:  (btw if I haven’t credited but you know who it belongs to/credited wrong do let me know)

Over at Ravensbourne I found these striking 2012 Olympic postcards

and this cute summery poster for ‘Redfest 2011’

I got a bit snap happy in University College of Falmouth’s stall…

I really liked the style of Rebecca Fleming’s 100 year sale spoof catalogue highlighting the sixth great animal extinction.

I absolutely loved Alexandra Allden‘s 100 years of Solitude cover – It’s beautiful and the overall winner of the Penguin Books competition 2011

Maja Håkenstad’s Japan poster reminded me of earlier in the year when us Lincoln first years tried something similar… but hers was better!

and Dani admires her ‘Evoke’ Magazine work too…

… great imagery for front covers!

This identity for Product Library by Joe Moore caught my eye…

Gemma Hockey’s student meals from scratch packaging was pretty cool…

and I liked Jane Harwood’s cherry-less cherry bakewell idea – cute!

Wow that was a lot of work from Falmouth! I just want to point out that I have no ties to Falmouth, but was just really impressed with the work AND this cool typographic, printed effect poster…

Walking past Hereford College of the Arts, this really lovely typography pencil poster stood out …

… and then I recognised fashion blogger Lily Melrose and got a bit starstruck (which is really silly when I think about it now because if someone recognised me from my blog I would at first be embarrassed but then of course I’d love to have a little chat – so sorry Lily) haha I’d seen her work on her blog before and have admired her alphabet:

I also popped into University of Westminster’s stall to say hi to Alex Auld, who’s wooden log fluoro typography I love! Check it out! I really like his business card letters too 🙂

At Nottingham Trent I found some typographic beauties…

Lucinda Ireland‘s The Type House makes me sooooo jealous and I picked up one of her Girls like Type Too leaflets which is lovely and true 🙂

Dani had a chat with Sophie Garwell about her ISTD project to create a typographic branding for a restaurant which was so so so lovely…

And that is about all we got around to seeing really 🙁  Although here are some random things incase that work didn’t already put a smile on your face…

I did find it strange when I found the timetable on the back of the girl’s toilet door but then girls are good at multi-tasking I guess…

D&AD Student Awards 2013… and the Yellow Pencil goes to…

… it could happen 🙂

After seeing some great work, when it came to 3pm we were really looking forward to Design Bridge’s talk! To find out what happened…. you’ll just have to wait for my next post 🙂

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