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J’adore… Jessica Hische

If given the chance to be someone else for the day, without a doubt I would definitely choose to be Jessica Hische – I can’t begin to imagine the great things I could learn from being her for only one day!

If you don’t know who Jessica Hische is – shame on you and feast your eyes on these…

She has been the typographer of the moment since graduating, going on to work for Louise Fili and freelance from 2009 with an amazing portfolio and several side projects under her arm, appropriately decorated with this beautiful tattoo…

Jessica’s lettering is beautifully crafted, elegant, tasty and unique. The reason for her exploration, experiments and creation of typography she explains simply; none of the free fonts available online gave her the effects she wanted in her designs so she started drawing her own. It just makes so much sense – the job of a Graphic Designer is to solve a problem! As a Graphic Design student, I am so inspired by this message – if what you want isn’t available then create it!

Jessica’s first font, Buttermilk, is what it’s name suggests…. creamy, rich and tasty

You can purchase it from MyFonts

Deciding she wanted to set herself a challenge, Daily Drop Cap is one of Jessica’s side projects which has seen her produce a drop cap letter nearly everyday for a year, creating 12 alphabets (at least). Here are some of my fave letters:

Another of Jessica’s side projects is one that I think every design student should see – the ‘Should I work for free?‘ flowchart.

Jessica has enjoyed a lot of success so no it’s surprise she regularly receives emails from students asking for advice. In the current climate, the design industry is a competitive place to be. For some students it would seem that to get your foot in the door, you need to work for free. Jessica’s flowchart explores several situations that design creatives might find themselves in and answers them with logic.

Personally, I think that if someone thinks your work is good/ they like it enough, they will be willing to pay you. There are instances that working for free might be appropriate e.g. charities but at the end of the day your work is not only your passion, but what you live on and if a client values your work they will respect that.

What are your views?

Visit Jessica’s website (an appropriate address) for SO much more great design than what I have space to show here. I think she is incredibly talented and might even go as far as dubbing her the ‘Typography Queen’! She is definitely one to watch…


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