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Time Out

So I’ve been a bit quiet recently, mainly because I don’t want to just blog for the sake of it. I haven’t been up to anything super exciting really, but I just did my last day at Accessorize today and then next week I move into my new Uni house so things are going to pick up hopefully. Just can’t wait to get back to Uni really!

So I’ve had some ‘time out’. By this I mean time away from technology. As a graphic design student & blogger I find myself spending a lot of time online because I’ll be tweeting, looking for inspiration, researching artists and just generally browsing to keep up with the design world. I get a bit carried away sometimes so I decided it was time to have a break from technology.

Monday & Tuesday were technology free for me. I went to Norwich with my Mum & sister and we enjoyed a lot of shopping(9 hours in total!) and also a trip to the Sainsbury Centre. I visited SCVA for the first time when researching for my FMP at college. Then, I was mainly interested in the building itself as I theoretically planned to house my FMP European Design Festival at SCVA. This time it was all about the art though, with my sister taking particular interest in the work by Francis Bacon(something to do with her A-Level).

I was more interested in the gift shop to be honest. At the moment the SCVA is holding 2 photography focused exhibitions (John Hedgecoe and Dorothy Bohm) which I didn’t view but it meant that there were some photography and also typewriter (don’t understand why but not complaining!) themed goodies:

‘Your just my type’ – Cute little greetings card…

…and some typewriter print gift wrap which I almost bought but then remembered I am a student and £2 is not within my budget 🙁

Also, after a bit of a discussion with course mates earlier this week about our new reading list (How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul by Adrian Shaughnessy is my recommendation btw), I had a little flick through some design books…

Flicking through ‘Design: GPO Posters’ by Dr Paul Rennie reminded me of how great the likes of Edward McKnight Kauffer and Tom Eckersley really were without today’s Photoshop technology (coincidentally relating to my technology free time)! I loved looking at the GPO posters which were used by the General Post Office (GPO) from 1930-1970.

At the end of our visit I found a (set up) mini photography studio complete with a light box and  coloured acetate and newspaper images. A great way to get some really weird but interesting imagery:

I really miss being creative – Don’t know if I mentioned this before… I can’t wait to get back to Uni! I have been doing something else creative but I can’t reveal that just yet so watch this space!

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