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J’adore… Francisca Prieto

It was great to re-discover Francisca’s work last night. I often save things into my J’adore folder and then forget about them but after a quick skim I found these beauties:

I wish I could do something like this! I think I need to maybe look into learning origami or something because I would love to incorporate it into my Uni work this year – maybe a plan? I love the way the paper’s been folded into different ways to create varying textures

And in this botanical themed piece I love the flow and transition from the illustrations into text…

You know when you look at something and you just think WOW!? I can’t even imagine how long it takes for her to make one of these great works because they’re not just randomly placed either.

For the Design Journal piece above, Francisca positioned the illustrations by linking details, styles and features in order to highlight how art, design and architecture inspire and influence each other. Beautiful AND methodical!

I love paper craft and Francisca’s paper folding technique is no exception! In a way it reminds me of this:

I saw this last year and think that by cutting the image into squares and folding it to give it the 3D texture it makes it so much more edgy and interesting.

Between Folds is the title of Francisca’s series of three-dimensional wall hanging artworks made up from hundreds of envelopes, old sheet music, maps, books, etc. meticulously cut and folded into intricate and interlocking forms. It’s AMAZING. I am just mesmerised by Francisca’s work!

They look stunning up close and from afar! You know in letters from your bank you have the pattern on the inside so that nobody can read the content? Well here’s an interesting use for them…

… what a great way to recycle and create a striking piece of visual candy.

I love all the different patterns put together. An unusual but beautiful material which is usually wasted!

Check out all of Francisca’s collection at her website. She dabbles in some typographic bits and bobs too which are very interesting:

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