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J’adore… Zim & Zou

I’m a bit obsessed with paper craft atm sorry but honestly, J’adore couldn’t be more appropriate for this post about French graphic designers Zim & Zou! Now prepare yourself for a colourful trip Back to Basics, 80’s style… in paper:

The amount of detail on this camera is just AMAZING! I know I’m a loser but it makes me really excited! If I owned one of these I would look at it in awe everyday…

Zim & Zou are also known as Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann and they have a graphic design studio based in Nancy, France. (Random fact: I went on holiday to Nancy once when I was a little’un.) ‘The studio proposes a contemporary approach of design thanks to a mix of different fields such as paper sculpture, installation, graphic design, illustration…’ A great mix if you ask me!

Ohhhh look and there’s even tape in the middle of the cassette! Wondering how they make these amazing replicas?

From this… to this…

I just love this project! All of the bright coloured paper reminds me of some experimentation I did for a Uni project in first year, Sonic Soundscapes. I wasn’t proud of my final outcome so I never blogged about it in the end but maybe I will blog the experimentation. Experimentation is something I usually struggle with in terms of using different media(I tend to go digital quite early on) so I really pushed myself and it turned out some quite cool effects in the end (if I do say so myself). I’ve got loads of bright coloured paper for writing notes on but I like to cut shapes out of them sometimes to make patterns and stuff… haha

To see more paper technology check out the project, on Behance for a floppy disk, the first mobile phone and a walkman!

I’ve been following Zim & Zou on Behance for ages now (for like 2 years so this J’adore post is REALLY overdue) and they are just such masters at paper craft projects:

Yummy! I have a bit of a thing for brown parcel paper (I think it works nicely with the mint green for my personal branding?)!

Loooove the origami penguins, but most of all the spirograph snowflakes. Takes me back – I remember having a set of the spirograph stencils when I was younger.

I love when artists show a bit of behind the scenes action… I like to see all the different stages of a piece because I like to see how things are made and it makes me feel like im exclusive/ there in person… haha

Zim & Zou are amazingly talented paper crafters and I always get really excited when they post new projects. I can’t wait for the next update from them… if you’re the same then fill your time by checking out all of their beautiful projects at their website!


  • Sapphire

    07/08/2011 at 12:34 pm

    Lovely colours on the articles. Its surprising what you can do with a little bit of paper!

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