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Sonic Soundscapes

As mentioned in the J’adore… Zim & Zou post, I’ve decided to post some of my experimentation from the Sonic Soundscapes project from my first year at Uni.

This project was probably my least favourite project of the year and I don’t really like my final outcome but I got a good grade so I guess it couldn’t have been all that bad, hey? haha

To give you a quick idea about this project, basically  it was a group project where we had to make some experimental music based on the work of an artist we were given. We each then needed to create a ‘Soundscape’ or more commonly known as a piece of Infographics. We could only use one conventional instrument(guitar, drum etc) and had to create other instruments by hand. I just want to point out that I don’t have a musical bone in my body, so when I heard about this project I thought ‘Great!’. But anyway, soldier on with the task in hand – my group was given the sculpturer Constantin Brancusi and consisted of Helen, Gecc and myself:

That’s us after we performed our experimental music to the class – nerve wracking but they did clap us thankfully! haha

Our instruments included a plastic bag which Gecc rustled into a microphone, some Magners bottles which we filled with water and Helen skilfully blew into(pre-recorded sound), a homemade drum:

Saucepan, WHSmiths plastic bag, elastic band, pencil and string.

..and a handmade wind chime type thing:

A square of mount board, string and all of my cutlery apart from a knife and spoon – I didn’t eat amazingly that week haha

So now you know a bit about the project, the madness of the experimentation will make a bit more sense hopefully! Experimentation:



Elastic bands, string and newspaper…

… you can’t say I didn’t try a variety of media this time!

Here’s a screenshot of us mid performance:

And this is my final soundscape:

I think it’s pants. But nevermind… if I don’t learn from my mistakes how can I get better? Positive attitude – check!

Have you ever done a project like this/on the same level of craziness? I’d love to hear about it – comment away 🙂

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