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J’adore… Luke Elliott

What can you make with a cupboard that you found in a skip…?

With some creative flair and elbow grease, you can produce something beautiful like this:

Such precision! Lino is hard enough to work with so I am actually just amazed at how Luke managed to get his edges so sharp. It must have taken his forever and/or is truly skilled!

And it’s even more beautiful printed:

I love Luke’s choice of two-tone colours for the ink

I first saw Luke’s work on the Computer Arts Gallery here, where he explains a bit more about the project:

“The aim of this project was to use a found object and to make something beautiful out of someone else’s waste. I found an old cupboard in a skip and created a hand-carved woodblock poster. It was printed in two-tone colour on Daler Rowney 160gsm paper and given away as self-promotion at my degree show.”

I am a really big fan of using items for other purposes so this project gets a gold star from me 🙂

I love ‘The Design Bakery’ Identity – so cute…

…I can just smell the fresh bread – yum!

And also the Nottingham Trent Degree Show 2010 Identity, both collaborations of Luke Elliot,  Toby Edwards and Joe Stephenson.

Joe describes the vision: ‘Made from 111 dots, the logo represents the 111 ‘bright new talents’ graduating in the summer. The idea offers a brand to unify the breadth of work from 111 different students, and the simplicity has allowed it to transend a variety of different media.’

I realise I’m a year late, but I think it’s still great 🙂 I shouldn’t really be promoting Nottingham Trent with Lincoln being a rival and all, but you can’t deny good design. Simple but effective – always a good combo!


  • lestaret

    16/08/2011 at 10:42 pm


    you got me going then!

  • Daniel Maw

    31/08/2011 at 2:01 pm

    Really love the “111” pull out, cracking idea. Doing a design a little different like that makes all the difference to printed material.

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