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Return from Reading

It’s been a while since I last posted, sorry… I’ve been away at Reading Festival 2011! This was my 4th, and probably last, year because I will need to concentrate on getting placements and experience next summer!

Moi amongst the mud repping Milton Glaser – Too scared to take my Helvetica Tshirt!

Had a great time with #GraphicsAtReading! Highlights included MCR, Crystal Castles, Panic! At The Disco, Friendly Fires and seeing some amazing T-shirt designs on fellow festival go-ers.

I spent a lot of time standing next to a massive poster from Kasabian’s new Album at the main stage and I’m quite a fan of the illustration:

Low points included The Strokes (acting like they didn’t want to be there), Muse (sounded great but spent too much time on the graphics for the screens and not enough time choosing a set list everyone, not just hardcore Muse fans, would enjoy) and the food stall typography!

I’m always so unimpressed by the typographic efforts of the food vendors(Who uses Curlz MT to sell Chinese food!?), but this year I think the worst use of typography goes to Pu Lp…

Or did they mean Pulp? That is some bad kerning right there!

Graphic Design… it’s a full time job, hey? Haha

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