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Tonight T-Bish, Dani and I attended the University of Lincoln School of Art & Design Postgraduate Private View Evening 😉

The exhibition is being held at the Greestone Building, which none of us had been to before but Glen was quick to point us in the direction of the Print rooms…

… unfortunately locked now but I will be going to have a play about in there sometime soon! 🙂

The building has quite an impressive view over the city…

… but anyway back to the exhibition! The idea of doing a Masters is quite scary considering I’ve only finished the first year of my BA degree, but the work was very varied and interesting!

I particularly loved the papercraft work by Kelly Fisher

…including a beautiful book of various paper folding techniques and textures – just lovvvvvvely!

Arranged on the floor were little programmes which each had unique illustrations/scribbles/drawings on the front

I was attracted to the triangles by Justin Tagg 🙂 I love triangles!

Martyn Smith’s work was really intruiging…

It was a series of (without trying to be rude) scribbles. Sounds weird but these weren’t just any old scribbles – scribbles created by movement; a parachute, a treadmill and a balloon:

We helped do our bit of the drawing and set off the fan sensors to move the balloon with pen attached!

Me and Dani enjoyed a cheeky glass of white wine as it was a grown up event 😉

The infographics by Ben Willers were right up our street…

A series of canvases breaking down his life – money, sleep and calories to name a few

We chatted to Chris, Glen and Mike but since there was no sign of Tim so…

…T-Bish, T-Nutts and a T for T-Fab!

And to finish off I had a bit of fun with the mirrors 🙂 We had a good time looking at the work and chatting to tutors. Can’t wait to be back at Uni working!

There was a lot more work… some interactive things which obviously I can’t do justice so if you’re about Lincoln, go have a look! The Greestone building is on Lindum Road and open from Monday 12th to Thursday 15th, 10am to 4pm!

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