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A is for Autumn

A is for Autumn. A is also for Accessorize.

The other day I nipped into Accessorize and picked up their latest ‘lookbook/catalogue’ for Autumn/Winter 2011. I think the reason for me picking it up was a mixture of: being a girl and liking Accessorize products, being a temp sales assistant over the summer I feel a bit of loyalty to the brand now? haha and also because I’m a graphic designer and I just like to have things in print.

With my Graphic Designer head on, I think the Accessorize logo typeface is A for Awful. It’s a bit gaudy to me? With all the flicks, curls and the crown for the tittle of the i…

… but I think it kinda works because it’s over the top? Accessorize is all about accessories of course – big costume jewellery, statement bags and glitz and glamour. It’s about the details, which in a way is parallel to Graphic Design right?

Not sure about this opening spread. I’ve seen other magazines that have used this kind of style and I don’t really reckon much to it. I like order and alignment myself.

Throughout this lookbook, Accessorize have accessorised the titles of each section – I think it’s cute and a lot more interesting than just having plain text. I think this ‘Paint The Town’ header is the one that disappointed me the most though, as through this section they have used cool paint-style textures…

Great texture here but then they just used just block colour? Nevermind, the rest of the lookbook makes up for it!

I don’t know why but I quite like the pattern collage and overlay approach Accessorize have used throughout this lookbook. Each section is different but all interlock – clever!

I love this little detail framing the title of this section – the diagonal angles draw my eyes into the words.

I think the type proportions and alignment here is really well composed – the W being the same width as ‘NIT’ and the description aligning with the E

I really like the sequin detail as the line here instead of just a block colour!

I LOVE the ZZ on this – actual love! Perfect words to use this treatment with!

Graphic Chic achieved with this lookbook, Accessorize design team! I love the font used for the titles – need to find me something similar!

I think this is quite a cool play on the word linear, no?

Not sure about the credits page. I kinda feel like it doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the book but I guess it’s a clear way to display all of the information. BTW This isn’t all of the lookbook – these are just the pages that I chose to show you! There are lots more photography based pages with cool shots of the products arranged nicely 🙂

Overall, I love this! I googled to try and find out which studio was responsible for Accessorize’s branding but discovered that they have their own in house design team AND they even take on interns – HELLO EXPERIENCE! I would love that kind of opportunity so fingers crossed I will be lucky.

I really love looking at lookbooks/press documents and analysing them. I’ve started sending off for a few but not many places openly offer them out unfortunately. Wish I could get some sent to me… anyone wanna hook me up? 😀


  • Vasare

    13/09/2011 at 11:40 am

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