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J’adore… Olly Moss

Olly Moss is a young British creative who generated a lot of attention back in May with his first solo exhibition, Paper Cuts, at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles.

I first came across Olly’s work on T-shirt website, Threadless, with his humorous twist on the popular British design classic ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’

He has had many t-shirt designs printed, but I think Olly’s real talent is for poster design. In 2010 he designed Star Wars Triology posters for art house Mondo. They were available from Mondo’s website but they, of course, have sold out and Olly doesn’t plan on doing a second edition, as he says here on his blog. We might not be able to get our hands on one, but luckily for us we can view them via the internet!

What a great set of posters! Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, there’s no denying that Olly’s simple silhouette vector style is striking and has a strong impact. This can also be said for other posters by Olly…

All of these posters are so simple and iconic of the film being portrayed.


I love the textures used to take these designs away from being flat blocks of colour!

Olly uses really powerful colours with his silhouette style to create iconic imagery. It’s a bit like Saul Bass reincarnated? Haha

He is really good at seeing shapes, demonstrated in his development process for his Dirty Harry poster and also with his on going project Alphabattles…


… spot the letters? 🙂 Another example of his cleverness is this:

Great work from Olly and I’m sure there is plenty more to come!

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