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Debut Bullet

This is only my fourth post this month, sorry! I keep planning to sit down and blog but at the moment there’s always something else to distract me!

But anyway… Remember me saying that I was going to be on the design team of the University Student Magazine? Well the first issue is out!

Sam, Bobbins, Dani, Lucy(hiding) and Helen checking out Issue #1 of Bullet ’11!

Yesterday was the Freshers Fayre, so I picked up lots of leaflets, cool stuff, free stuff, rubbish, sweets(soooo many) and my first published work in Bullet Magazine! 🙂

Sam’s repping the Bullet crew T-shirt

Sam(Art Editor) & I with one of my spreads 🙂

My contribution this issue was the above the layout and illustrations for pages 14&15(an article about Living on a student budget). Who likes my piggy bank? I always moan about how I can’t draw so I really tried to push myself to make an effort to do some illustrations. I think it turned out ok? The pennies came out a bit pixelated and there was a bit of a problem with parts of some of the text being doubled. The best example of this is ‘Quit’ in Quit Smoking – see it? Nevermind, I’m happy with it in general 🙂

I also arranged the layout for pages 2&3 (Editor’s letter and Contents) below…

I’m looking forward to doing the next issue now 🙂

What do you think? Anyone else work on a student magazine?



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