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Sink or Swim

Finally. I am back to Uni!

I have missed it SO MUCH!  I was so excited for our first lecture yesterday, I had to pester Amy & Dani to leave the house… we were like half an hour early 🙂 I have concluded that second year isn’t going to be easy, not that I thought it would be!

This is the year that will divide those who really want it from those who don’t as much. Everything is a lot harder with the realisation that all decisions are important and count now. Grades are real – eeek! Sink or swim guys… this industry is tough!

We have some exciting projects to get our teeth into; for the Visual Expression module, Penguin Award Book Cover project and a Re-Branding project for Graphic Design. It’s great that we are getting the chance to enter into live briefs and with the Penguin Award being the only one missing from Lincoln’s collection the pressure is on for us to win 😉 This years book is One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey. Here’s some of the previous covers;


And the Re-branding project is carrying on from the summer project in which we had to research 3 of the top 100 brands and create a professional, thorough, clear and concise document presented in an engaging way. I chose to create a booklet which I would show you but it didn’t turn out as great as I wanted it to 🙁 But here’s my front cover:

Triangle love continues 🙂

Choosing one of the top 100 brands in the world to re-brand when obviously they’re already pretty successful is daunting to say the least. I’ve chosen Avon.

I think the logos boring, the brand is outdated and it reminds me of the old ladies who pester you with thick catalogues of products on your doorstep. I’m hoping to make it younger, fresher, trendier, more personal and more environmentally friendly. I’m quite excited about the possibility of getting to do something with packaging too, fingers crossed!

Tomorrow there’s a lecture by Professor Paul Cleveland, and you know how much I love designery talks! So hopefully I will blog about that 🙂

Until then I have lots of work to do! After a trip to the library with the girls I have 4 books to read… and the rest! It’s good to be back…

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