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dot com.

Some observant people(or twitter followers) might have noticed a small, but very exciting change around here recently?


We are now a .com! Makes me feel a bit more serious, it’s a bit easier to remember and it’s faster to type in so you can pop to see what I’m upto more often now 🙂

It was a bit of an impulse thing really. I did think about buying natashnuttall.com but it was already taken, and I wanted to keep with Graphique Fantastique really.

Another quick thing! I have recently started using Pinterest.

Chances are, if you like my blog then you like my work so you will like the same kind of inspiration as me? Well this isn’t a plug for you to follow me, I promise (but feel free to)! Pinterest is actually a really good idea.

Always finding amazing images and then losing them? Well ‘pin’ everything you like to your Pinterest account (I have a ‘Pin It’ button at the top of my browser window for ease) and you won’t lose anything amazing ever again!

This website is a great source of inspiration with people all over the world using it! I have already found some weird and wonderful things, and pinned some items myself from websites to try and contribute into the ‘pool’. It’s super organised. You can group your images onto boards, so everything is relevant in one space.

O.k. so it is a bit girly at the moment, but the boys need to join and pin ‘manly’ things from websites so that they get into the ‘pool’ and for a Graphic designer there is enough typography on there to keep you sweet.

So I’ve got my boards as Graphic Design, Typography, Triangles, Patterns, Inspiration and Graphique Fantastique, but you can have absolutely anything and everything. I’ve seen boards dedicated to wedding planning, room re-decorating etc

Join! Join! Join! You won’t regret it! I could actually spend all day on there… so let me know how you get on with it?

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