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Healthy Competition

Week 3 in Thomas Parker House (Big Graphics House) and it feels like Week 10. So much going on, so much work being done and so much to do still!

On Monday (feels like so long ago, but this is the first chance I’ve really had to sit down and post) we were given the opportunity to look through the now 3rd year’s portfolios from 2nd year. This year (2nd year) has been dubbed ‘The year you turn from a Graphic Design Student into a Graphic Designer’ so that’s a scary, but exciting prospect and it shows in the portfolios:

T-Bish looking scared by the standard of work

Matt Taylor’s portfolio looked pretty good!

T-Bish and I really liked his typographic leaflet on stopping litter.

I also really liked David Lefebvre’s typographic work(but I apologise for the poor images – frosted portfolio sleeves are not the way to go!)…

And then I got excited by Jason McDonald’s ‘The Glass Ceiling’ booklet

Simple, Effective and Black on black – it’s very swish!
And I’m a fan of his Humber Rescue work too…

Really excited about getting to this kind of level, although was quite disappointed that I couldn’t find any of these 3 lads online really (they need to start getting their names out there!) – UPDATE: They have sorted themselves out and I’ve linked them now! Well done boys.

I came home from the lecture Monday and just wanted to produce some amazing design work. I’ve got a lot of growing to do but I’m looking forward to the journey with some amazing people on my course it’s going to be a challenge! Can’t wait 🙂

My new A3 portfolio has literally just been delivered as I’m finishing this post, so I’m going to put my sleeves in (have to poke out the plastic from the holes first though) and can now begin to build it up! Watch out 3rd years!

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