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After a quite stressful re-branding lesson, it was nice to go up the hill to the Print rooms at the Greestone building this afternoon. I’ve really missed the print room at college, so jumped at the chance to have a play around with inks and screens.

After an induction from Emma, the print technician, we had a go at some screen printing of sorts (we didn’t use the photochromic ink, but made stencils with newsprint)…

Creating our stencils…

I made a pattern from circles and a triangle for the middle 🙂

The boys ‘suit’ up…

Let the printing commence!

Smooth prints from Talveer and T-Bish!

Lucy and Amber ink up…

… and Emma assists.

Jack inks up his first ever screen…

… and I print my stencil:

It kinda reminds me of a rose? It wasn’t intentional, but I like the black mixed into the red – gives it a nice tone difference.

Talveer, Heather, T-Bish and Jack present their final works…

All smiles 🙂

I know the stereotype of a Graphic Designer is that we don’t like to get our hands dirty but I love print making! You can get some great textures and effects and it’s nice to get away from a mac for a while. Had a great afternoon with the guys – a laugh and a nosey around all the facilities! I love screen printing 🙂

And for the super nerdy, I found some typography bits in drawers:

More printmaking to come soon hopefully…when I have the time!

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  • Malika Gandhi

    03/06/2012 at 8:50 pm

    Hi, I stumbled across your blog on Freshly Pressed. I found your designs intriguing and wonderful too. I am an artist (amateur) and a writer and I love all things creative. I am really impressed of your posts, follower numbers and the number of visits you have per day. Really impressed!

    I am a wordpress blogger too, leave me a line and hopefully we can chat!

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