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Recently I’ve been pretty busy with moving back to Uni, finishing work off, going through assessment and starting the whole process all over again with new briefs.

I don’t know about other students, but for me, I think assessment time is probably more stressful than actually doing the work!? In preparation for VE, I had to decide on wether to trim or leave my Limited Edition posters. After a debate on twitter & facebook, I opted for a compromise …

…a 1cm border to frame the prints and also show the texture of the ink which was created when I was stencil printing them. I’m SO glad I didn’t trim them fully! I shot the beauty shot on wall tiles for a butcher shop feel. Very pleased with the end result 🙂

That was the last job really and then I packaged everything up, ready for the big presentations:

Matching labels & everything!

I’m quite a chatty person in general (if you couldn’t already tell) however I get really nervous when it comes to presenting my work for assessment. Last time, my GD presentation didn’t go as well as I hoped it would so I was disappointed and put a lot of pressure on myself to improve for this time. I was SO happy with how it went this time, so hope that I’m still happy when I get my grades back! Not sure why, but I always seem to be feel a bit more confident and enjoy presenting my VE work. I was actually really excited to present my limited edition posters because I was proud of them so that was slightly less nerve-wracking.

So that was last week… now onto the new projects! Both are competition briefs – istd and D&AD, for which I’m excited but also very anxious. I’ve been pretty vocal about my ambition to win a D&AD yellow pencil in the past couple of years and so at last, here’s my first opportunity! The brief I am undertaking is set by Domenic Lippa of Pentagram to create a supplement about the designers and typographers of The Typographic Circle. I’m preeeeeetty excited about this brief and I have lots of ideas but I know that getting it right is going to be the hardest part here.

The other brief is set by istd, the International Society of Typographic Designers. They are typography experts and my work will be scrutinised to every letter, so it’s a basically an exam. Eeeeek – no pressure! If your work is at the level they seek, you are accepted as a member into the istd and can put the letters after your name! I’ve chosen the ‘Tales to change the word’ brief which uses ‘The Waitress’ by Jack Zipes as the main content. It’s a story about Marie, a Parisian waitress with a talking chair attached to her back. It seems a bit bizarre, but like all good fairytales it has a good message underneath.
Last Thursday we had a visit from Fliss Gibbeson, an ex Lincoln student, who came in to discuss our ideas and give us some advice on the istd project. It was really great to be able to talk to someone who has been in our shoes and discuss different routes and approaches for the brief. Thanks to Fliss for coming to visit; it was lovely to meet her.

The only downside to competition briefs is that (like YCN) I’m not going to be blogging what I’m up to, so I might be a bit quiet again for a while but hoping to get busy with some J’adore posts instead…

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