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Spontaneous – Sounds like LDN to me

Tuesday morning I got the D&AD Pentagram brief. Fast forward 24 hours and I’m in London.

It was a bit of a spontaneous trip, but a sensible decision. Amber, Emma, Lucy & I went to the big smoke on Wednesday to visit book shops and find inspiration. With both current projects being editorial and typography based, we decided it was a good idea to go and see what’s ‘out there’. Sometimes you just need to go and experience things in person, because the internet isn’t the be all and end all (may come as a surprise to some people).

I’m not sure why, but I always get really excited about going to London. I think it’s because it seems to have so much designy stuff going on – all the studios, agencies, museums and street art. Any excuse for a change of scenery is a good excuse if you ask me 🙂

I hate how slow tourists dawdle along… but I always feel a bit like one because I end up oogling over London things:

The gap in Tower Bridge….

… the city of London shield posters…

…. political graffiti…

… and The Design Museum. There’s a cool little shop here with lots of cool books but I’m glad that we held out for Magma.

That shop is actually amazing! It’s quite deceiving from the outside, but a design pantry inside with 5 shelves high of magazines, books, posters and other cool designery accessories.

I even saw some Type Trumps cards which I should make better use of really but I don’t want to ruin them (mine have been out of the packet once)!

Emma likes the shiny, varnished & pearlescent  cover of Slanted Magazine

Lucy likes the fold-out leaflet/ poster style of Rise and Fall, whilst I try to decide which of the magazines to buy…

Proudly showing our Magma purchases outside the Clerkenwell store. We then made our way to Artwords in Shoreditch..

…and also nipped into YCN across the street because after doing a YCN brief, it would be rude not to, right?

(I resisted the urge to get on the YCN bike outside)

Lucy & Amber look at how one of the city guides folds out

Emma spotted a few ex-Lincolners in the newest YCN annual (Taran Uppal & Ric Gravina off the top of my head)

I saw some appropriate/cool little cards too…

Read my blog… oh, you already are 🙂

After 5 hours of touching, reading and smelling books & magazines we decided it was time to re-fuel and so we treated ourselves to a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe!

Biggest & best tasting burger ever!!! I couldn’t even finish it all and I have quite a big appetite. We also toasted my blogging birthday ( 3 years old!) which I had forgotten about – oops!

Sometimes spontaneous is the best way, or so it seems. Had such a great day and saw lots of interesting sights & design inspiration. My mind is in overdrive but I’m absolutely knackered! I’m even more excited to go to Leeds Print Festival next weekend – I love doing Graphic Design things!

Just a thought to leave you with…. never say ‘Euston we have a problem’ on the underground between Euston and Kings Cross St Pancras. It’s just not clever… 🙂

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