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Making data look friendly

The final project for year 2 in the GD module is all about data visualisation; flow charts, pie charts, bar graphs, maps – you name it, we’re looking at it!

Data visualisation is quite important, as always it is a graphic designer’s job to make sure the communication is clear (and it doesn’t hurt being easy on the eye!). Lists of numbers can be transformed into a data visualisation to make it a lot easier to understand. Where would we be without Harry Beck’s underground tube map (definitely lost in London)?

I don’t usually post a lot of work from lecture/studio time and for the main, it is about getting feedback from tutors on what we have produced in the week leading up to the lecture. However, for this project we have been taking a couple of weeks to learn about different graphs and charts the best way – trying it out for ourselves.

Last week we produced 7 different graphs and charts; nominal comparison, time series, ranking, part-to-whole, deviation, distribution and correlation.

Here’s a few of mine:

My data included my mood, my enthusiasm level throughout a project, who I spent time with and where I spent my time. Drawing all these graphs takes me back to Geography – not that that is a bad thing!

This Tuesday Chris and Glen had challenged us to produce an info graphic on the Graphic Design process and they came in all different shapes, colours and sizes:

Work by Jack Kingham, Josh Hall, Emma Dawson, Tom Matthews, Talveer Uppal and Sunjay Morar.

Work by Chris Jellinek, Amber Hadley, Laura Webster, Jade Dowling, Katie Ulett and Sam Dowse

Work by Beth Derricott, Avril Whitehart, Heather Scott and Tom Bishop

Beth (above, bottom left) was sharing the triangle love with me….

Cheesiest grin, as ever (Aaron made me laugh)!

I took a hand drawn approach mixed with triangles, line shading and bright colours. Let me explain my pyramid creation: when I looked at my design process for a previous project, I noticed a pattern of 5 stages that occurred in 3 points. Each triangle has 3 points and represents each stage of my process. They all overlap to show that even though I have moved on to the next stage, I am always still thinking about what I have done before.

I’m a bit slow on posting this, so you can check out my fellow GD’s work here, here, here, here, here, here and on Discourse here and here. We hath been busy!

The end result will be 2 visualisations of data we have collected ourselves so seeing what everyone chooses should be interesting. I think I’m going to use data from my blog 🙂

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  • Katie Ulett

    16/03/2012 at 7:42 pm

    Brilliant post Natasha, thanks for the mention. I’ve been loving this graphing! Shame my graph is falling off slightly in the picture! 🙁

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