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It’s been 7 weeks since my last post – that makes me feel ashamed! I’ve been really busy up until last week and then I think I got a bit overwhelmed with how much catching up I had to do. I felt like the longer I left it, the more pressure there was and I didn’t know where to start. I’m biting the bullet now and sorting it all out.

It’s been beautiful weather recently so I’ve been making the most of it (got a bit burnt – Graphic Designers have delicate skin) but I have a long to-do list; 4 projects, 2 guest speakers and some other exciting bits!

Here’s just a little something whilst I get myself organised…

This is a wall in our studio. It might not seem that interesting because it’s a wall but it does feature my work – queue cheesy photo (click if you like Stilton)! But, this Friday is the private view evening for the 3rd year’s end of year show, 53 Degrees North. The 2nd years have been given this wall space to show some work (which is cheeky, but exciting too) and being the helpful girl that I am, I offered to prep and paint the wall.

So I gathered a lovely team and we got stuck in…

Thanks team – Amber, Dave, Jack, T and Tom!

It looked pretty good in the end considering we don’t have any painting and decorating experience. Not sure whose work is going to feature on the wall yet, so fingers crossed I will be one of the lucky ones! I guess all will be revealed on Friday evening (I will be networking/being nosy/waitressing – I am just too nice!) and I’m really looking forward to seeing the studio transformed and all of the 3rd year’s hard work!

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