Party Time ’12

Excitement running high and booze flowing – the private view of the 53 degrees north show was in full swing Friday evening! As mentioned before, I was going to help out/be nosy/network and I had a great time.

The keen team: Tom, myself, Emma, Talveer, Harry, Dave, Sophie and Jack.

It was a really exciting but scary just to think that in a year it will be my turn! Chris and Barrie gave emotional speeches and Student of The Year was awarded to Sam Hartill(deserved)!

I am going back to have a proper look around and take some decent photos but I thought I would show the work from the 2nd year space now…

Jack Slater‘s ISTD winning scarf response to The Waitress alongside some Penguin Book covers by Tom Bishop, Amber Hadley, Ash Watkins, Chris Jelinek, Jack Slater and Lucy Perkins.

Emma and I had a good chat with Ben Willers (info graphic expert – he’s been featured on The Guardian and in Paris!), who is checking out the following…  Sam Weston’s ISTD winning response to ‘It happened on this day’ (top) with Dave Morris‘ conflict, Leanne Kitchen’s info graphics, Dave Morris’ D&AD Nominated Typographic Circle Supplement and Amber Hadley‘s D&AD Typographic Circle Supplement.

Harry Winfield’s Conflict gained a lot of compliments through-out the night.
Oh, and how could I forget….

… YCN work by moi (which I still need to blog about actually!) – so painting the wall was worth it in the end!

It was nice to see some old faces too – I found ex-Lincolners Scott Oxley and Ric Gravina chillin’ by my work (they did ask me not to use this photo but I couldn’t resist!).

… well, I did say we would be networking! 😉

All in all, a great night! Check back soon for a full review of the 3rd year’s work.


  • lestaret

    10/06/2012 at 9:06 pm

    Excellent stuff Nutty – and I wish I wasn’t quite as jealous about your getting freshly pressed too! Nice stats ; )

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