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53 Degrees North – Part 1

It’s 2012 – the year of 53 Degrees North.

Emma and I spent 2 hours looking around the exhibition on Wednesday and took nearly 200 photos! There was so much good work that when it came down to choosing what to blog about I found it really hard. I managed to whittle it down to 32 photos and 14 videos (the reason I have decided to do videos is so that you can see multiple pages and really get a feel for the publications. The videos are set fast but you can pause them to look at details!) – that’s still a lot so I’ve decided to split it into 2 posts… now where to begin!?

Each student contributed their own version of 53 – Lee’s money caught my eye because it was so different.


Designers were also asked to contribute some creativity and submissions from Hat-trick, Aboud, Music and Syzygy were displayed.

The first work on the right when entering the exhibition was a series of posters entitled ‘Consumed’ by Dan Ridgway.

As well as these posters, Dan had produced an accompanying book including data and info graphics. They detail everything he consumed within 24 hours, such as food; electricity; time; media; water, hygiene products etc.

I thought Paul Wormleighton’s sweet shop style paper bags were cute (not sure he will appreciate me saying that, but hey!) and the concept behind ‘Everything’s a Pound’ is really interesting. What can you get for a pound nowadays? Some fruit, a spanner set and 7 birthday cards (if you have enough friends):

My fave? You could become a millionaire – feeling lucky?

Jason McDonald’s Scarecrow was full of personality and I think the way in which it was displayed really helped to show the energy of the typography – it jumped into the middle of the room! Definitely much better than boring beauty shots!

Across the way, it was onto the publication section. I think this is my favourite section because I like looking at the details up close and I think it’s also just a case of ‘designer syndrome’ – I’d rather have a real book over an ebook any day:

I looked through the top shelf (Oli Phillip’s Work Harder Manifesto in photo)…

… and 4’11” (Emma) looked through the bottom shelf (Matt Taylor’s ISTD winner – The Somme in photo). We spent at least an hour looking through all of the books – a lot of great work but here’s a selection of my favourite bits:

Amy Barden’s ‘What If’ about siblings had some lovely wooden letterpress type and tip in sections  – I’m a sucker for anything with tip ins!

More beautiful wooden letterpress type in the form of Ryan Fisher’s ISTD award winning publication for ‘The Waitress’:


Mereltje Van Oord’s ‘A new England’ was very cute and appropriate with it being the weekend of the Jubilee…

… and her report on ‘The Stamford Prison Experiment’ showed nice experimentation with shapes and textures as well as  a striking colour theme:

And then to the other end of the colour scale:

Beautiful photography and simple typography from Luke Turner, to illustrate his Dad’s expedition to Spitsbergen, Svalbard…

…and crisp typography for ‘In my humble opinion’ – simple and understated with great details!

I couldn’t resist a peek at Ian York’s ISTD winning publication of ‘The Waitress’:

A great response to the brief! It definitely challenges the ‘new reader’ and traditional book format, with various page sizes and pull out sections – instructions for how to assemble a chair included too! The typographic detailing was ok too I guess… 🙂 ha

I was really interested when I picked up Danielle Smith’s Evolve Magazine – I didn’t get a good photo of the cover but it has really nice die cut detailing (look here). I liked what I found inside even more: simple, striking typography, great use of space and creative ways for the reader to interact with the design – great stuff:

In response the ISTD brief ‘It happened on this day’, Sam Hartill’s typographic exploration of Anne Frank’s diary from 4th August 1943:

I really liked the format of this: it includes Anne’s secret feelings hidden within the french folds. Very interesting and a great way to represent the words!

‘The Print room is an integral part of a design student’s development’ – I couldn’t agree more with that statement from Rob Cronshaw‘s Compass Magazine. Really like the choice of font and the structure of the pages:

Alice Hines’ response to ‘It happened on this day’ combined image, typography and layering to great effect:

(My other photos came out badly so for more images look here.)

And last but by no means least, I  absolutely loved Mariska Reen’s modern day interpretation of Romeo and Juliet…

… from the heart on the cover of the Mac to the facebook txt language used in the messages.

So much variety and great work – I felt so inspired/under pressure after looking through it all! But this is only half of it – the show is still on until the end of this week (Friday 15th June) so you should go and check it out yourself if you can!

As I said, I’ve got another post planned for the rest of the work so if you can’t make it to Lincoln to see the work in person, you will have missed out but will still see a good chunk of it!

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